Product: Wraps

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Client: Graphitti Sign & Graphic Studio

Wraps are one of the most universally productive advertising options in the sign industry today! The most common form of wrap is the wrapping of vehicles. Mobile marketing is a great tool to reach new audiences with every drive, and broadcast your business, brand, and services to your entire community. Many people are aware of the huge benefits available with custom vehicle wraps.

However, a person may not be aware of the equally rewarding benefits of wrapping other potential marketing tools! They offer the opportunity to completely customize your product, instrument, tool, appliance, or interior space, utilize crisp and high resolution images, and they can be printed to fit any size or shape.

There are benefits of wrapping other potential marketing tools in addition to mobile vehicles. A small freezer behind the bar for a given brand of liquor, a retail display that puts your physical products from of a backdrop of the setting they will be used in. Wraps can be utilized to provide valuable revenue generating advertising space on your building columns, walls, bathroom stalls, etc. They offer the opportunity to completely customize your product, utilize crisp and high resolution images, and they can be printed to fit any size or shape.

Wraps provide on of the few interior design features that can provide return on investment. Wraps can help create an atmosphere in a space, or a “feel” for an audience, or a more vibrant workplace for employees. A wrap can make a black piano appear to an audience to be constructed of stainless steel. Or make a restroom stall look like an old outhouse. A break room fridge can become a locked safe…..or a block of ice….or?? Use your imagination. Employee spaces can go from drab and boring to a refreshing, engaging place work.

In the image above you will see a tailor made wrap for a drum set. This is a powerful visual statement that will stick in the minds of all those who see it! Below and to the right you will see an image of a violin that has a personalized wrap adhered to it. This is a high impact image that will draw the attention that it deserves!

Wraps are able to be mounted on many surfaces including but not limited to musical instruments, pinball and gaming machines, boats, outboard motors, bathroom stall doors, and even appliances. There are no limits to the mediums able to have wraps attached. This can be a way to advertise your business, event, band, school, by creating a lasting visual image for everyone to see!timthumb_php_102 Or, they can be used to create environment or help customers visualize the use of a product. Many forms of marketing require frequent payments such as a billboard. You can promote your business’s information, brand, services, or product uses with a onetime investment paying for itself many times over with a custom wrap!

Are you looking for a high impact statement? Do you want to market your business with a sign that demands attention? Call Graphitti Signs and Graphic Studio for a free quote on a custom wrap today!

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