Triple Bottom Line Sustainability Metrics Applied at Graphitti Sign & Graphic Studio, Franklin, TN

faviconWithin the sustainability world, a healthier approach to business metrics is well known.  Outside the sustainability world, the approach is less well known but none the less extraordinary. Perhaps you have heard the term “Triple Bottom Line”….or perhaps not.  Perhaps then you may have also heard references to “The Three P’s”….or perhaps not.  So what is the “Triple Bottom Line” and/or “The Three P’s” and what do they have to do with the sign and graphic arts business?

Most of us are familiar with “the bottom line” or net profit serving as the definitive measurement of a firms performance.  Archetypally, a company is considered successful, if the firm returns a reasonable level of monetary profit for its owners or shareholders.  The more monetary return produced, the more successful. But is the financial bottom line the only meaningful metric for a responsible firm?

The Triple Bottom Line structure considers three dimensions of operating performance. Those three dimensions are: social; environmental; and financial (profit!). These are commonly referred to as the “Three P’s” for People, Planet and Profit.  Putting focus on these dimension yields a better picture of the “success” of a business than profit measures alone.  Businesses that actively consider The Triple Bottom Line in their day to day business operations and long term plans, do a better job of increasing benefits for all stakeholders without exploiting or putting any in danger.  Simply achieving profit can hardly be defined as “success” if it comes at the expense of others in terms of social and environmental costs.

Within the workplace, social considerations can include: human rights; fair labor practices; diversity; equity; work-life balance; health and safety; and not compromising employees’ individual ethics in order to make a profit. Social considerations outside of the firm can include: supplying products that enhance and improve the built environment; community engagement; philanthropy; and volunteer work among others.

The environmental or “Planet” aspect addresses environmentally sustainable business practices. The goal here is to achieve maximum benefits while minimizing damaging environmental impacts. Efforts can range from: recycling; using methods not requiring dangerous chemicals or environmentally destructive processes; reducing consumptive use of water; reducing power consumption; etc.

At Graphitti Sign & Graphic Studio, we embrace the Triple Bottom Line approach to business metrics of success.  Our business was founded upon a desire to produce signage products via environmentally sound means, while delivering not just signage, wraps and graphic wall coverings, but also contributing social value, advancing the application of biophilia in the built environment, and engaging positively with the local community.

Our new state of the art HP Latex 360 Printer utilizes water based, odorless Latex ink which does not cause health problems or produce hazardous waste. The vast majority of large format printers used in the sign/wide format print business use solvent inks which in many cases produce health and environmental hazards.  Employees working with solvent inks, or inhabitants of spaces with solvent ink products, often experience headaches, dry mouth, and sinus trouble sometimes to the point of the need for medical intervention.

The HP Latex 360 Printer is GREENGARD & UL certified and requires no ventilation.  Products do not require “off gassing” prior to finishing or installation.  The HP L360 is Energy Star efficient.  The printer meets the lowest pint emission standards and does not produce hazardous air pollutants (HAPs).  The HP L360 uses GREENGUARD GOLD Certified inks & prints meeting AgBB criteria.

Graphitti Sign & Graphic Studio is a new sign & graphic studio located in Franklin, TN supplying and installing all types of traditional “signage” and less traditional “signage” such as graphic wraps of vehicles and other objects, conference displays, banners, high end graphic wall coverings, floor graphics and window graphics.  Our wall coverings are low VOC, photo quality, and many are LEED compliant for use in LEED certified buildings.