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Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Client: Graphitti Sign & Graphic Studio

If you have been behind the wheel, you have seen your share of traffic signs. When you are learning the knowledge needed to be a skilled driver, one of the first things you learn is to properly identify the aforementioned signs. Over time, some of the specifics of that information can be forgotten, or maybe you need to review for an approaching driving test. Either way, Graphitti Sign & Graphic Studio has assembled a synopsis of the meaning behind the traffic sign’s colors!

Red is used to translate immediate action required. This means stop signs, borders for yield signs, wrong way signs, and do not enter. These signs are integral to the safety of the people out on the roadways.

Pink is not seen as often. This color represents an incident management area. These signs will make the public aware of areas that can have traffic backup, or blocked roadways.

A frequently used tone is orange. These signs are seen frequently these days, and indicate temporary traffic control. Construction zones and special events will have these signs, as well as areas that require detours. If you see an orange traffic sign, be prepared to follow a navigational directive!

Yellow reflects the need for caution. Yellow is used for warning signs, and often for school associated signage. When you are out for a drive, and see a yellow sign, prepare to proceed slowly! There are also yellow-green signs that are a mix of the colors. These are for pedestrian and bicycle traffic direction.

If you see a green sign, you are looking at guide and information signage. The green signs can also be regulation and parking signs.

Blue signs primarily represent traveler services, emergency evacuation routes, and important information you need to know on the roadways. One of the most common uses of the blue traffic signs is state route and interstate markers. As you are driving on your next road trip, family gathering, or simply your work commute, take notice of the blue signs that broadcast your way!

Brown shaded signs are used to display information pertaining to cultural interest, and recreation activities. Often these signs identify state parks, historical markers, and national parks.

Black signs and white signs are the most common. A black background is used to indicate one way streets, night speed limits, or truck regulations. White backgrounds are used for the majority of regulation signs.

With all of the signs that you will see while navigating your vehicle, it is imperative to distinguish the meanings behind the shades of color you see. Signs are our best sense of navigation on the road, and Graphitti Sign & Graphic Studio wants you to be informed! We are a custom sign and graphic company. We not only provide exceptional products, we supply superior service for our clients, as well! Reach out to us today, and we can share more on traffic signs!

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