Product: vinyl banners

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Client: Graphitti Sign & Graphic Studio

Sign products are a great vehicle to gain positive awareness in your community, reinforce your brand, display important information and provide direction to your establishment. One of the most versatile signage types available for all of these goals is a banner sign! Banners are bargain-priced, long-lasting and offer a variety of customizing options. At Graphitti Sign & Graphic Studio, we want your sign investments to continually produce the results your business deserves. To that end, there are several things every banner sign owner should know!

The first order of business when deciding upon a banner sign as your choice of marketing tool is a consultation with the sign professionals at Graphitti Sign & Graphic Studio. We can help you select: the best media to print your message and graphics upon; the size of your banner, lettering and graphics for the viewing distance; the best location to place your banner; proper mounting method and hardware to use. There are many customizing options available including materials, images, colors, lettering, borders, mounting options, and even perforated banners for windy areas.

The next thing to consider is whether you desire professional mounting services, or if you are going to install your banner. If you choose to do the installation in-house, please remember a few important rules. A basic rule of thumb is to never permit the banner to contact the ground. Banners should be affixed with even loads and tension on their individual mounting locations and grommets. If the load is not apportioned equally, a banner mounting location could be overloaded and cause a rip or deformation. Always use appropriate tools and mounting hardware when installing your banner. This means no zip ties, or light bungee cords.

In the image above, you will see an example of a tailor made banner delivering effective marketing for a long period of time. The design is clean, uncluttered, legible, of proper size for the viewing distance, and the mounting is appropriate. This provides for a long-lasting, and productive sign solution!

The next process that needs to be evaluated is maintenance of your banner. Your banner should be cleansed often and with the correct solution for the media and laminate. Avoid the use of bleach or other harsh chemicals. Graphitti Sign & Graphic Studio can provide advice on the correct cleaning solutions for the media and laminate you choose! This will give your banner sign long-lasting attention grabbing vibrancy.

Another consideration for your banner is end of product life removal and disposal. When your sign is no longer needed you have options to either dispose of the banner or store it for future use. If you can reuse your sign next season or next event, you will want to properly maintain your investment! Roll your banner loosely and store in a dark, cool, dry place. Do not roll letters or print inward. Do not allow the sun’s rays to reach the banner. If possible, place the banner in a cardboard tube type container. This will help your sign investment keeps its value. If you are no longer going to need the banner, please discard your banner the conscientiously. You can have Graphitti Sign & Graphic Studio dismount the sign. We offer free recycling services such as HP’s Large-Format Media Recycling Program.

At Graphitti Sign & Graphic Studio, we are here to help you through the processes needed for an effective banner sign, and bring you all the knowledge you need to get the most out of your sign packages. Do you have any questions about maintaining your banner signs? Would you like to learn about the other signs and services that are offered in Nashville, TN? Contact us today, and we will be

happy to answer any questions you may have!