Product: fleet graphics

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Client: Graphitti Sign & Graphic Studio


Are you capitalizing on the best advertising opportunities? With attention-grabbing marketing tools such as vehicle wraps or a vehicle graphics package, your company can catapult its exposure and maximize results. Vehicle wraps and vehicle graphics packages produce these results through highly visible mobile marketing. Mobile marketing can take your business vehicles and turn them into powerful advertising statements with each drive!

Are you using a fleet of vans or trucks to provide your customers with services or deliveries? Cars for your sales force? These vehicles can become your greatest advertising investment with fresh designs and high resolution imagery. Leave a lasting impression with potential clients in the areas that you already frequent. If you do not have a fleet of your own vehicles to utilize, you might look into purchasing advertising space on freight trucks. Last year the trucking industry provided 81.2 % of all freight revenue. That has been steadily increasing every year. Take advantage of the growing industry to advertise your brand on and alongside of the roadways of your area and other areas you otherwise could not reach.

Graphitti Sign & Graphic Studio offers decals, vehicle graphics packages, half-vehicle wraps, and full-body vehicle wraps depending to fit your needs and budget. 2015-07-08 10.56.14Many forms of marketing used for high volumes of exposure, are costly on a cost per impression basis. Vehicle graphics and vehicle wraps offer some of the lowest cost per impression marketing tools available. And the exposure is passive….a viewer is not required to pick up and read a magazine, or visit a website for your business to be seen. Vehicle graphics packages and vehicle wraps are great advertising investments option for businesses and at Graphitti Sign & Graphic Studio, we can customize a package to fit any your needs and budget. Reach out to us today to find your effective vehicle graphic package!

In the images above and below, you will see examples of the custom fleet graphics that can be produced by our experts at Graphitti Sign & Graphic Studio. Take advantage of your company’s logo to reiterate your business’s brand in the community, and gain a powerful statement within the minds of new audiences with every trip taken.

2015-07-08 10.56.06At Graphitti Sign & Graphic Studio, we are invested in the marketing success of our clients. We work with custom graphic design software to ensure your sign or graphic package complies with and compliments the brand specifications required to achieve your advertising goals. Choose from many custom color schemes and creative design concepts to match your business’s theme, aesthetic, culture and brand. We have a team of designers on hand to make sure all the tailoring details will exceed expectations!

Do you have any questions about the fleet wraps and fleet graphics provided by Graphitti Sign & Graphic Studio? Would you like to learn more? Reach out to us at info@graphittisign.com, and we will get you started!