Hi, nice to meet you. My name is Nikki Christiansen or you can also call me “The Signmakers Kid.” I’m the daughter of Steven Culp, owner of Graphitti Sign & Graphic Studio. When my dad asked me to work for him I was a little on the fence because I have absolutely no idea about signs… or graphics… or computers… or much about anything in this business really. C’mon I’m a junior in high school, give me a break. But then he mentioned the idea of writing articles, and that idea sparked something in me. I have a knack for writing and that’s just about as far as my knowledge goes for this business. So if you’re reading this and have as little knowledge as I do about signs and graphics, then I guess we can learn together through my regular articles that I will be posting weekly!


We are located in Franklin, Tennessee, fairly close to downtown Franklin where there is a swarm of restaurants and shopping at our fingertips. Opening up this shop has been more work than I ever imagined. Who knew codes says you had to have two bathrooms and two water fountains in a 2,300 square foot office? I also never thought I would be spending most of my Saturday’s painting a concrete floor. But building up this business has taught me many different things that I never could get in a high school classroom, such as networking, or about contracts, how to pass codes, and so much more.


Graphitti Sign & Graphic Studio will be able to do various sign & graphic jobs for you. Some sign types include: storefront signs, channel letter signs, electric signs, building sign packages, monument signs, ADA signage, lobby signs, way finding signs, A-frame signs, window graphics, sidewalk graphics, conference displays, retail displays, banners, vehicle wraps, wraps of pianos, coffins and other epic stuff that I still have yet to learn about from my ole’ pops. On the graphic side, included are: graphic wall coverings for offices, schools, doctors’ offices, hospitals, restaurants, gyms, video studios and other places.


Well, the Signmakers Kid is signing off for now. Don’t forget to look out for more articles from me every week!