Product: retractable banner stand

Location: Nashville, Tennessee



The most important part of the process when investing in a marketing tool, is finding the sign that compliments your business’s specific needs. At Graphitti Sign & Graphic Studio, we want our clients to find complete sign solutions, and that is why our team will provide an in-depth consultation to match your individual goals!

No one knows the important of cohesive marketing solutions more than Graphitti Sign & Graphic Studio. We have utilized these services first hand when we designed and constructed a custom retractable banner stand for SMPS. Society for Professional Marketing Services is a company that represents a network of over 6,000 marketing and business development professionals. Steven Culp, the owner of Graphitti Sign & Graphic Studio, is a program chair and board member of this group, and is in charge of developing the monthly meeting programs that will be utilizing this display!

The retractable banner stand was constructed as a 36 x 92 silverstep product, and would allow the versatile option of either a table top display or a floor display. In addition to their adaptability, these signs are also efficient. They are quick to set up, easy to take down, and can be transported anywhere with portable options in a car, truck, and even airplane! With these signs you can opt for a silver stand (as shown) or a black stand, depending on the aesthetic of your brand. The banner itself on these signs can be made of either a cloth or vinyl material. Incorporate your brand with your company logo, or utilize our high resolution images to customize your one of a kind banner!

We have provided images to see the adjustable convenience of these retractable banner stands at both the shortened and raised heights. This makes it an efficient marketing solution for any business in any industry, and they can be great for trade shows, events, and conferences.IMG_0358

At Graphitti Sign & Graphic Solution, we want your business to have a premium product that will effectively meet the marketing goals of your company. Your sign and graphic investments should be precise representations of your business brand, aesthetic, location, and advertising aspirations. Our team offers free estimates to ensure that these goals are met effectively, cost efficiently, and with longevity. Come to our showroom in Nashville, TN, and we will share the examples we have on the sign packages your business needs!

Would you like to learn the specifics of the project completed for SMPS? Do you have questions about the retractable banner stands that we offer? Contact our team today, and we will start you on your next custom sign journey!