Environmental Graphics Design by: The Signmakers Kid

When I heard ‘Environmental Graphic Design’ (EGD); my first thought was like, oh no, this is another way to try and get me to recycle or something to help our environment (sorry dad!). But then for some odd reason I kept on reading about it and I came to find out it has nothing to do with nature or sustainability. Although this is a common misconception.

EGD is concerned with the visual aspects, communicating identity and information, and using the idea for creating experiences that can connect people to a place while using graphic, architectural, interior, landscape and industrial designs. Imagine say…a museum display….or a display at a corporate headquarters….or perhaps a themed restaurant for example.

The Society for Experiential Graphic Design accurately describes the work graphic designers have been doing for the past two decades which is way more than just signage and way finding disciplines. It includes an overall communication of content, moving digital images, display content like museums and corporate headquarters. There are numbers of practices that fall under the EGD, not just graphic designers. Some include systems of changing content or motion and interaction between and person and a place.

The term ‘Environmental Graphic Design’, first coined in the 70’s, has grown immensely beyond what it was described back in the day and over the past decade. EGD has grown larger than its traditional signage and way finding and transformed into a new way of being an enabler of smarter cities.

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This has been another article by your girl, The Signmaker’s Kid. Until the next one!