Hey y’all….the Signmakers kid here. I’m back again with a new spin on graphic wall coverings and lobby signs! Yipee!

Now, I looked a little more into this topic and found some pretty neat stuff. Some lobby signs that I researched and really stuck out to me were custom LED signs and dimensional letter signs. Now I know what you’re thinking; “illuminated” or “LED” and “dimensional letters” doesn’t seem like the kind of signs that would fit our company. But don’t fret.

We have ways to make them dimensional letters look classy and subtle. With these dimensional letters, we can mount on your lobby wall with stand-offs from a fraction of an inch to a few inches off the wall to make it look more 3D. Going into another similar topic, you can also choose to get dimensional letter signs. Dimensional letter signs can be designed & come in basically anything coming to your mind. From the font to the type of material to the colors to the shape to the finish. Such as acrylic or metal brushed finishes. Not only is it more common for a high-end look but its also more affordable than say a custom LED sign.

Now onto a good ole graphic wall coverings. Well I know for me there’s always been a special place in my heart for the New York skyline. The vast amount of buildings and life you can capture in a picture of NYC is incredible. My bedroom wall is covered with all different kinds of pictures and memorabilia, and I could not imagine having something as rad as a graphic of New York City on my entire wall. That is of course until my ole man told me he could do a graphic wall covering on my entire wall of the New York skyline. What? That was a dream come true. Now can I not only have a picture quality wall size graphic of my favorite picture, but you can too. With any picture you could imagine, we can create a custom wall graphic just for you. You’re welcome.

Pop says Graphitti Sign & Graphic Studio can design, produce and install graphic wall coverings for me….and for you. With the high tech HP L360 doing the printing with the latest latex inks, the colors will pop and there is no worry about off gassing VOC’s or fumes such as prints produced with solvent or eco solvent printers most shops use. We can print on all industry media types. This include vinyl medias or recyclable HDPE media (non vinyl), or cloth style medias. We are very excited about the new PhotoTex ™ line of fabric repositionable media.

Photo Tex can be easily installed on pretty much any reasonable surface. The fabric media will withstand different climate controls. Photo Tex does not peel, rip or wrinkle indoors or outdoors. Photo Tex can be moved and re-applied over and over. Photo Tex is believed to be the ONLY adhesive that does not weaken or strengthen over time. Photo Tex sticks to all Low and No VOC paints. The material now holds 3- US patents, and is green, nontoxic and safe. Stick for a day – Stick for a decade – still removes with no issues.

Please contact us at Graphitti Sign & Graphic Studio with your lobby sign or graphic wall covering vision and let us turn your vision into reality! We serve the Metro Nashville area and beyond from our studio located in Franklin, TN.

This has been yet another article by the Signmaker’s Kid. Just trying to make the world a better place out here by sharing my growing signage knowledge. Until next time y’all. Hope you enjoyed.