If you didn’t get the word about the Sofar Sounds Nashville Songs From a Room Concert we hosted at Graphitti Sign & Graphic Studio this past Saturday 16th… boy you missed out on loads of good music and great people! Don’t fret, if you didn’t get to make it, the least you can do for yourself is read this article and see what ya missed out on!

Victor Mucho, Jake Jones, and The Cains all appeared at the concert Saturday night. Victor Mucho (duo) was up first and totally killed the mandolin. Brian Macdonald is half of Victor Mucho and also plays mandolin in Judah and the Lion. Neat stuff. Heck, I paid good money to see Judah and the Lion play not long ago and our show in Graphitti Sign & Graphic Studio was free! By the way though….buy tickets to the Judah and the Lion concert on February 13th at War Memorial Auditorium you won’t regret it.

Next up were The Cains who stunned me with their sick harmonies and great energy they exuded all throughout the show. Before the show I was talking with the members of The Cains telling them how much of a Johnny Cash fan I am. Madison told me they had room to put another song in the set…..and they were going to do Folsom Prison Blues for me….they opened with it and everyone was singing along and clapping…..it was incredible!! Taylor, Madison and Logan Cain are so awesome…yeah…they are siblings by the way. Check this act out

Lastly was Jake Jones who really ended the show off right with his soothing voice, cool writing style and awesome band he had there to back him up. These kats played some honkey tonk full of rowdys somewhere in Des Moines, Iowa Friday night…then drove all the way to Franklin just to play the show in Graphitti Sign & Graphic Studio. The crowd loved em and made em play an encore, even though they were bushed from the long trip.

The great thing about Sofar Sounds is their appreciation for music. During a performance they ask you to keep off your phones as in no texting or calling, be silent, and have fun! Seems easy enough. Also, the catch is they don’t tell you who is performing until the day before the show. They just tell you where the show is being held (all sorts of random places, like our sign studio) and you show up that night for some rockin live music. I know a lot of times its hard to go places in Nashville and catch some live music without there being tons of loud people who are on their phones, so Sofar took that into consideration and gives artists a chance to share their music in a intimate way. Which I thought was the coolest concept.

Speaking of sharing. Ok, this IS a Sign Studio blog. To help support Sofar and the artists and to help give the acts exposure when pictures are posted, dad made a cool event banner his graphic designer schemed up with the band names, logos, cool background that we hung behind the stage. (Pictures will be posted where you can see it). This is an awesome idea for any event so in the future, anywhere pictures are seen, people will know what the event was and for or by who etc.

For an event like this where photos may not give a group much exposure otherwise, having a well done and well-designed banner for a backdrop, will identify the artists and help give them the exposure they deserve.

We can do the same thing with all sort of varieties of signs too. We can do coroplast signs that can come with stakes and be easily set up in the grass. Or vinyl adhesive backed signs that can be applied to doors, or walls, or columns in a building. We can wrap instruments like drum sets or maybe standup bass. We can do window graphics that might be seen at a performance or draw folks into the building. We can also produce low cost backdrops for performances to create pretty much any environment you wish.

Hosting this free concert was an awesome opportunity for Graphitti Sign & Graphic Studio to give back to the community & help promote artists, but events come in way more varieties than concerts…even if this is Nashville. You can commemorate, decorate, communicate and emulate (on your sign or banner) pretty much any type of event with original, creative, quality signage and banners from Graphitti Sign & Graphic Studio. Just emancipate your imagination and see where it takes you! Talked about in my last article, but again, if you’d like your own event banner for weddings, sporting events, concerts, ribbon cuttings, or whatever it may be just contact us at Graphitti Sign and Graphic Studio and we’ll set you up for your own event signage or banners. (Or backdrops!)IMG_2757IMG_2743