It was quite the weekend for the Graphitti studio. On Friday January 15th we kicked it off when we had not one, but two ribbon cuttings. The morning one was through the Nashville Chamber of Commerce where my daddio is a New Member Advisor. That one was held at 11:30 am. This ribbon cutting was facilitated by the Chamber staff (and good friends at this point) consisting of Fred Slater, VP Member Relations & Growth, Lauren Gregg Member Relations Coordinator and Corey Davis, Director of Business Growth Initiatives.

The afternoon ribbon cutting was through Williamson Inc. where my dad is also an Ambassador. It was led by our pals Rebecca Ozols, the Director of Member Relations; Renee Shafer, Director of Membership Development and Nancy Conway, Senior VP of Community Relations.

I didn’t get to attend the Nashville Chamber cutting because of school (blah.) But I did get to show up at the afternoon one where there was a plethora of Jet’s pizza. (We still have pizza left over; someone please come eat it).

During the Williamson Inc. cutting, the people that attended had the pleasure of seeing our latest technology of the state of the art HP Latex 360 printer. It is environmentally friendly and has color superior latex water based inks. We showed everyone that wanted to see just how this bad boy worked while we printed out our SoFar Sounds event banner.

I met a ton of rad people at the ribbon cutting and I got to have some pizza so all in all it was a win-win. Also, not to mention the awesome event banners and cool signs my dad made for both the ribbon cuttings and also for the Sofar Sounds, Songs From a Room concert we hosted on Saturday, January 16th! (Article coming on that).

We actually kept the event signs and banners we made for the ribbon cuttings, and hung them in the shop as memorabilia. We want to remember that day and these event signs and banners will remind us every time we look up in the studio. Cliff did a really cool job designing the sign and banners graphics and they are just too sweet to not have on display somewhere.

We can do the same thing with your signs too. We can design and make coroplast with stakes to post em up in the grass. Or vinyl adhesive signs that can be put on doors, or walls, or columns or???

Even though we have really been doing business for few weeks, these ribbon cuttings kind of signal Graphitti Sign & Graphic Studios’ liftoff from the launch pad you might say. Kinda seemed appropriate to communicate, decorate and then commemorate the occasion with the same kind of original, creative, quality signage and banners from Graphitti Sign & Graphic Studio that we hope to provide to other folks.

Soooooooo…….please remember…….If you have a need for an event sign or banner for your memorable event…such as a wedding, concert, graduation, sporting event, car show, or maybe even for a ribbon cutting your business…run over here at Graphitti Sign & Graphic Studio in beautiful downtown Franklin, TN….well…..not far from downtown anyway.

In my next article I will be talking all about the concert we hosted for Sofar Sounds Nashville so don’t miss out! Signing off, the Signmaker’s kid.


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