Product: posters, coroplast signs

Location: Franklin, Tennessee

Client: Durik Advertising


In the business world today success is more than just the numbers. In order to see the achievements your business reaches, it is necessary to widen the range of exposure your business receives. Invest in direct marketing plan that specifically targets your business is specific needs. There are many different marketing tools available in the sign industry today, and the team at Graphitti Sign & Graphic Studio is prepared to assist in finding the right ones to meet your goals. Reach out to us today to schedule a free consultation!


Our professionals were requested to quickly produce a glossy poster package for one of the key clients of Durik Advertising. The client specifically needed 100 glossy posters measuring 36 inches and printed on high-quality materials with high end print settings. From the time of request for a quote, we were able to deliver the entire job in less than 18 hours.


In no time at all we were able to obtain the eight mm glossy paper media, prepare the file, accomplish proofing, print, perform quality control inspections, cut, stack, pack and deliver the product. This product was done incredibly quickly due to our HP L360 latex printer that produces high end latex ink prints with no outgassing or drying time. Our team was happy to announce that our final costs and time for delivery were both under the predictions of the final clients’ quote obtained from an on line provider. The client was pleased with both the finished product in the service we provided. Only a few short weeks later, Durik Advertising requested our services again for custom coroplast signs……another rush job. We were happy to deliver! 90 minutes from quote to finished products on this effort!  Love that HP and high quality latex inks.


An important aspect of delivering premium custom signing graphic products is the materials and equipment used for fabrication. In the image above see our HP L360 latex printer that is used in the construction of premium printed graphics of all sorts on all sorts of medias. The sign, graphic wall covering, wrap, art reproduction and other printed graphic investments you make with Graphitti Sign & Graphic Studio are produced with the highest quality of materials, by artisans with decades experience in the graphic industry, the latest in technology, and up-to-date methods.


There is more to Graphitti Sign & Graphic Studio than just premium products. We pride ourselves on the outstanding service standards presented to our clients, as well. The process begins with an in-depth consultation to assess your business’s specific needs. From there we are able to determine the right selection of products that will work to serve your goals. Choose from an assortment of customizing details to complement your business’s brand, aesthetic, and location. The design team on hand is able to assist with making these tailoring choices. We always use the latest installation methods to ensure longevity in your investment. In addition, we also offer sign permitting, sign maintenance, sign repair, logo design, and graphic design services. Reach out to our team today, and we can put you on the path to your next creative sign solution!


Are you interested in learning more about the recent completed project for Durik Advertising? Would you be interested in a visit to Graphitti Sign & Graphic Studio to learn about the specific advantages available to your business with a custom poster package? Contact us today, and we will work on finding the right products for you!