Hey there! Well we’ve been doing some recent projects here at Graphitti Sign and Graphic Studio. One of my favorites that I am going to talk about in this article is this rad showroom wall and floor graphic in the lobby of our shop.


The picture above represents just one of the possibilities Graphitti Sign and Graphic studio can do: floor graphics, wall graphics, and also the use of environmental graphics in a retail display. If you are a Signmaker’s Kid follower (you better be) you should have seen a previous article I wrote on Enviornmental Graphics. It creates a whole new environment inside of a space. The wall graphic you see above is the start line of a race at the Isle of Man in the UK in the early 60’s. When my dad first showed it to me, I felt like I was in a different place! The recreation made me feel immersed into the picture. Personally, I love change. I am always switching things up in my room to give it a new feel, and a wall graphic is the perfect way to change up your office or lobby.


   The motorcycle displayed in the front is one of my favorites that my dad has. It’s a Triumph Thruxton, for any of you gear heads wondering. This is a great way for retailers to show off their product(s) to help customers envision the product(s) as intended. The wall graphic is in black and white to give off a nostalgic feel but we can also do color! Although, the wall shown is not flat, it has a 3 inch extension running from floor to ceiling, but not to worry because the wall graphic makes it virtually disappear!


The asphalt floor graphic beneath the bike is another possibility to spruce up the place! A first look I actually thought pops put down literal asphalt… whatever your into dad. The floor graphic has so many pros such as: a slip resistant laminate, does not give off any gas chemicals (ew, am I right?), scratch resistant, removes easily, and my fav part… gives off high quality colors! (I’m a teen, I’m distracted by bright things ok.)


I’ve also talked about this before in a previous article, the HP L360 wide format printer (raise ya hand if you know what im talkin about!). Which uses environmentally safe latex inks! How rad, c’mon. Another super cool technology used was the Photo Tex media, which can be installed with pretty much any surface. No peels, no rips and no wrinkles. Booyah.
Graphitti Sign and Graphic Studio, that’s our name don’t wear it out! But seriously, spread the word. Signing off yet another interesting article, The Signmaker’s Kid.