Yet another project that I am here to talk about! In my last article I talked about the showroom wall with the starting line at the Isle of Man race and the asphalt floor graphic.  We recently we added another floor graphic to the mix.  But not just any floor graphic………..a very cool 3D floor graphic!


3D Floor Graphics in Nashville TN

Our new “stairs” and “basement”


Our graphic designer Clif, constructed a very clever and realistic floor graphic of a set of “steps” leading to our “basement.” See the picture below! I also talked about in my last article about the vinyl media that we use that has so many cool features about it, like the slip resistant laminate that is just made for floor graphics! 3D floor graphics are basically floor graphics with a little twist.


 These really bring floors to life with a design that can grab anyone’s attention. It’ll have people doing a double take before they even realize that your custom 3D floor graphic isn’t actually what it appears it is. Examples are a pool of sharks in the bathroom floor, a canyon, a manhole, or an illusion that the floor has separated and flames are shooting up from above, or………well……use your imagination and Graphitti Sign & Graphic Studio can create it.  

3D floor graphics are the ideal way to pull in customers just to look at your floor! How odd but effective!

One of the things that really drive Graphitti Sign & Graphic Studio is biophilia. Biophilia is our natural inborn love for nature, which all living creatures possess. Applications of biophilia just make you feel better and are nice to have in your space.  Imagine a beautiful creek bed in 3D up your hallway!  You can check out our website for more information about biophilia, which my dad knows way more about it than me.  I mean, he’s been learning about that stuff for like 100 years, give me a break!


 The options are endless, so don’t forget to use your imagination when thinking about a 3D floor graphic or even just a standard floor graphic. Just call my dad at Graphitti Sign & Graphic Studio and see what the Graphitti Blue Crew can do for you!!  Hey….what can Blue do for you?…….I’m a poet!  A new article coming very soon, stay tuned. The Signmaker’s Kid.


3d Floor Graphics in Nashville TN (1)

Cliff heads “downstairs” to the “basement”