Lake Canoe Wall GraphicProduct: Interior Graphics for walls, floors, doors, and other surfaces

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Client: Graphitti Sign & Graphic Studio


The opportunity to create a lasting impression begins the moment a prospective client enters your facility.  A prospective customer will begin forming opinions and making decisions the moment they walk through your doors.  Utilizing a high impact interior graphics package, your business has the opportunity to make a positive mark that will leave them coming back for your business’s services!


Turn the bland walls of your facility into a powerful visual statement adequately representing the image of your brand. Take advantage of a colorful logo, a catchy slogan, or industry relevant graphics to strike a chord within consumers. Once you’ve grabbed attention with your custom graphic wall covering, your business’s brand will be impressed upon their minds. The next time they are in need of your services or products, your business’s logo will be what they remember!


At Graphitti Sign & Graphic Studio, our graphic wall coverings are printed with no VOC latex inks with no harmful chemicals and no need for off gassing. These new inks also ensure a more vibrant image, better scuff and scratch resistance and longer life. These products can go straight from print to wall with minimal wait time! Our team at Graphitti Sign & Graphic Studio is invested in using only the highest quality of products in the fabrication of these graphics to ensure their longevity and productivity. Our installation methods allow for a firm adherence that will withstand time, yet allow for easy removal on demand. The convenience of these graphics is almost as promising as their marketing value!


In addition to the advantages associated with marketing your brand there are also the benefits associated with graphics of natural scenery thanks to biophilia (our inherent love of nature). Natural scene graphic wall coverings can offer a return on investment through more productive, healthy, engaged and motivated workplace. Biophilia also shows benefits of increasing speed of recovery, shortened hospital stays, accelerated recuperation for patients in hospitals and care facilities. Research studies regarding biophilia have shown improved test scores for students in educational settings. Imagine a blank wall transformed into a lakeside oasis, as seen in the image above. A building interior setting can quickly transform into a more positive work, healthcare of educational environment!


When you are searching for the perfect tool to increase your marketing potential or a graphic scheme that can motivate your employees, consider the effects of biophilia and of custom graphic wall coverings from Graphitti Sign & Graphic Studio. Our wall graphics are produced using with the highest quality of materials paired with the fresh design concepts of our expWall Graphic Fish Stake Sunseterts. Our premium products allow for longevity, affordability, and cohesion with your company. The process begins with a free assessment of your location, business, and brand. We will develop a plan for a custom solution that is both effective and conducive to your preferences and budget. Don’t take our word for it. Stop by our shop, and see the advantages associated with graphic wall coverings today!


Do you have any questions about the graphic wall coverings that are fabricated by the Graphitti Sign & Graphic Studio team? Would you like to learn more about the specific benefits available to your business with the premium sign or graphic package? Contact us today. We look forward to putting you down the path to your next custom graphic wall covering adventure!