Product: Barricade Wall Graphics

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Client: Lucky Brand



Renovations can be a messy time for a business. Especially when in a high end mall like the Mall. At Green Hills in Nashville. When Lucky Brand called from Los Angeles to ask for help with their renovation at The Mall at Green Hills in Nashville, Tennessee, we were happy to help! Lucky Brand came to us for graphic wall coverings for the barricade walls during renovations.

In the image above, you will see the completed barricade wall graphics for Lucky Brand. This project was a complete success, and that is evident in the high quality imagery you can see!

IMG_2047This Lucky Brand store is located in the Mall at Green Hills in Nashville, Tennessee. They recently began renovating and expanding their store. This creates a lot of debris and noise. Barricade walls help to prevent them from affecting the visitors of the mall or nearby shops. These walls also present the perfect billboard for announcing the coming of the newly renovated store and help promote the brand. We utilized almost 1600 feet of media to print and install the graphics of a design the client supplied. The finished product doubled as a barricade, and as an advertisement of the renovations the customers can expect when the store reopens. The project was a complete success, and the client was pleased with the end results.

To minimize disruption to visitors and other businesses, we installed our barricade wall graphics after hours working long nights to finish this one!

The health and wellbeing of customers and mall personnel is very important. We only print wall graphics and barricade graphics with HP latex water based inks. These inks are completely environmentally friendly and there is no noxious off gassing as with solvent based inks. Completely safe indoors!

When you are looking for a sign solution, the task can quickly become overwhelming. There are so many options in the industry today, and it is hard to tell what will work for your specific needs. That is where our team comes in! IMG_2050We will provide a detailed assessment to find the goals you have, your budget, the location that sign will be installed, and other information that will aid in finding your cohesive sign solution. Rest assured that we will discover your best choice, and provide it effectively, affordably, and quickly!

Have you thought about what these graphic solutions can do for you and your business? Would you like to learn more about this recent project completion, and others like it? We have a team on hand that would love to share this information and more with you. Reach out today, and we will schedule a time to go over the details that will get you one step closer to graphic success!

Written by: Graphitti Sign & Graphics Studio – Nashville, Tennessee