Product: Steel Lobby Sign

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Client: Emily Dyer Designs


Our team was recently approached by Emily Dyer Designs for the design, fabrication, and installation of a custom lobby sign for one of her customers in the Green Hills area of Nashville, Tennessee.

You can see the completed sign in the image above. It was customized to fit the rustic theme the interior designer was going for. Below is an additional image of the sign with a closer look.

Emily Dyer Designs is an interior decorating company based in the Nashville, Tennessee area. Emily was working with their customer, Tennessee Family Dental for a renovation project, and the theme opted for was rustic. They even invested in sliding barn doors!

We quickly found a design that would work well for the client. We went with ½ inch uncoated hot rolled steel with cut out letters. The trick was to find the right size sign to fit the space. In order to do this, we supplied vinyl mockups in various sizes that could be placed in the desired mounting area. The client chose a 42” steel sign in the shape of Tennessee with stainless steel background for the cut letters. The brushed aluminum “T” in Tennessee is mounted 1/2 inch off the steel face with the rest of the sign mounted on one inch satin standoffs.

IMG_1742A lobby sign can be used for many reasons. It offers guests a visual representation of the company that are visiting, as well as insight into the aesthetic the business offers. Professional offices will go with a more classic design, while a design company may opt for more modern styling. The options are endless, and with our expert design team you can find the right choice for you! TN Family Dental loved this steel lobby sign so much, they ordered another for their office at Nippers Corner!

We offer the best products in the industry with our high quality materials, and state of the art printing methods. Come by our showroom today, and we will share examples of the custom work we have done. We look forward to working with you!

Written by: Graphitti Sign & Graphics Studio – Nashville, Tennessee