The holiday shopping season is in full swing. Whereas Black Friday served as the opening salvo for customers with an eye on bargains, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday continued the trend. But did you know that there is one type of shopper that few – if any – retailers actively pursue? How many retailers remember to woo the procrastinator? When you welcome last-minute holiday shoppers with targeted holiday vinyl graphics in Williamson County stores, you may be able to cash in where other store owners fail.

Understanding the Last Minute Shopper

Holiday Vinyl Graphics in Williamson CountyS/He did not mean to wait until the last minute. But things got in the way, life got busy, and now the holiday party is this afternoon or tomorrow, and no gifts are ready. This shopper does not like the idea of picking through the leftovers. Unfortunately, this has been the customer’s shopping experience. You can convert this shopper into a buyer with the right set of signage solutions.

Window Graphics Catch the Attention of Holiday Shoppers

The most important vinyl graphics product this season is the window display. The frantic shopper wants to enter a store with confidence. You convey this attitude via the graphics. S/He has a problem; you have the solution.

  • Wrapped windows. A perforated window wrap enables the detailed display of your advertising message but still allows you to see outside. (The shopper does not see inside.) If you have obstructions in front of your window and do not worry about the view, we recommend opaque vinyl. The detail work on these wraps is stunning.
  • Opaque or clear decals. Opaque graphics feature a color palette in keeping with your message, the season, and the brand. Choose any shape or opt for a contour cut display. Clear graphics, on the other hand, emphasize the image because it shows against a clear background, which makes it appear to stand alone. Our clients have had excellent success with detailed product depictions.
  • Frosted and etched vinyl. Sophistication is the hallmark of windows featuring frosted and etched style elements. Some retailers have begun to use this material to create the imitation of a winter forest. The shopper steps closer to peek around the partially obstructed view of the window display.

Floor Graphics Expand on the Marketing Conversation Window Ads Began

Holiday Vinyl Graphics in Williamson CountySomething as a simple as arrows pointing at your entrance can make the difference between a passerby stopping in and one who keeps walking. You piqued the shopper’s interest and s/he may be halfway sold on the idea that you can provide the products needed for last-minute holiday shoppers. The arrows could be the deciding factor. We recommend starting this type of display on the outside and having it continue through your doorway and inside the store.

Stunning Wall Graphics Tie in with Both Messages and Close the Deal

Holiday Vinyl Graphics in Williamson County

Colorful, persuasive wall graphics may function as point of purchase (POP) signs that help the harried shopper think through product pairings. During the holiday season, POP signs are excellent marketing tools when folks have limited time but want to mark items off their lists.

Getting Your Holiday Vinyl Graphics in Williamson County

Do not leave your holiday marketing to chance. Contact the experts at the Graphitti Sign & Graphic Studio to schedule a design consultation. We work with you on the design of targeted vinyl graphics that look fantastic and present a persuasive message. Call us today!

Holiday Vinyl Graphics in Williamson County