Long time no see… the Signmaker’s kid here again to give you the inside scoop on all things wall murals, floor graphics, and graphic faux skylights! One of the best things about going to the sign shop is getting to see the new things my dad is trying out. I have had the pleasure of seeing and getting to take pictures of the new graphic faux skylights that we have implemented on the bathroom light fixture (Picture is shown below).

Application of imagination, and the safeness of our latex print is what we’re all about here at Graphitti Sign & Graphic Studio, and boy do we have a lot of it. We recently created more of our faux skylights that could spark anyone’s imagination. An example is how Electrolysis by Marina and Advanced Skincare in Franklin, TN used their skylights to provide soothing views of floating clouds and “sky” skylights for costumers receiving treatment.

Now…..about the safeness of our latex printers. One thing the floor graphics, wall murals, and faux skylights have in common is that they are printed with the latest and environmentally safest latex ink technology. We are one of a handful of local sign & graphic studios that actually print with this technology. What this means is there is no harmful gasses that typically come the solvent and eco solvent prints. Another bonus: the color pops more and it is way more durable! Sounds like a win/win to me.

Here at Graphitti Sign & Graphic Studio you will never feel as if there are not enough options; trust me… my dad can come up with a multitude of things. Some of the wall mural medias we offer are cloth with adhesive backs, vinyl, repositionable, and some can even feel like the canvas that an artist would be using. A really popular one that we have done recently would be the black and white wall mural we put up at Matteo’s Pizza on Carotheers in Franklin. That is getting quite the attention! (Picture is shown below).

I’m that person that has like 20 favorite things, but for real one of my favorite things is the quilt of floor graphics my dad has in the back of his shop. Every time I go back there I feel like I’m walking on art. To make it even better he added some nice touches to the bathrooms with a 3-dimensional koi pond in the men’s restroom and the illusion you’re walking on a bridge over a waterfall in the women’s restroom. There is no limit to the possibilities of creative imagination you can put on these floor graphics.

Don’t keep your imagination confined within the 4 walls of a building though! Wall murals and graphics can be used on outdoor surfaces too such as the lettering on brick we completed at the Springfield Glass Co. building in Springfield, TN. Modeled after the old Marathon building in Nashville, Springfield Glass Co. building catches the attention of anyone and everyone driving by!

If you want to get a closer look you can always stop by the sign shop…..Graphitti Sign & Graphic Studio at 114 SE Pkwy Ct #120, Franklin, TN 37064!

Glad to be back, I wish I could talk more (because we all know how much I love to talk), but being a teenager is stressful and I gotta get to my school work now! Until next time, the Signmaker’s kid signing off.