When Achiever Development contacted our experts with a project, we were ready. The product in question was one of our subdivision post and panel entry signs in Spring Hill TN. It should be reading “Townhomes of Chapman’s Retreat” and identifying the leasing office’s information. At the same time, we learned that the owner planned to allocate limited funds to complete the signage. Could we still handle the project? You bet!

Replacing a Sun-faded Sign

Subdivision Post and Panel Entry Signs in Spring Hill TNThe Spring Hill subdivision, which is identified by the sign, features attractive buildings in beautiful surroundings. Unfortunately, the leasing office’s sign was sun-faded and bent, which marred the overall impression of the setting. We visited the location for a site survey and noticed that the existing posts were in excellent shape. Because the owner was on a budget and needed to get the product done quickly, we suggested keeping the posts in place.

For the panel, we proposed the manufacture of an aluminum composite material (ACM) board. Adding the information with a latex-imprinted and laminated 3M vinyl product would result in a professional look. But things would not be easy even here. The folks at Chapman’s Retreat were unable to locate the file for the logo. Were we stumped? No! After a bit of internet research, we found an older photo of the property that featured this very sign in the background. From there, we reverse-engineered the logo and made an extra copy of the file for Chapman’s Retreat to keep with their records and use when redoing signage solutions at other properties.

To protect the good looks of the panel and prevent bending like the old sign experienced, we preserved the material’s rectangular shape. Because our client wanted us to recreate the look of the old sign, our graphic designer produced a radius with the graphic that surrounds the logo portion. The optics are virtually identical, but the new manufacturing method leaves the board stronger than before, which results in enhanced durability. Also, this presentation cuts down on the costs typically associated with routing the material. We were able to create the new file and manufacture the sign face in just one day after the client approved the look. This is a win-win all the way around.

A Good Understanding of Material Use and Manufacturing Techniques Make a Difference

When working with a client who is on a tight budget and schedule, cutting corners is not the right answer. Instead, we still provide superior customer service and only the highest quality signage. But we look for ways to save the client money and speed up the process. In some cases, this just means selecting a material that mimics the appearance of a more costly display. In another setting, it calls for the elimination of time-consuming mechanics for design intricacies that still create the desired look.

Buy Subdivision Post and Panel Entry Signs in Spring Hill TN

Whether you need something completely new designed from scratch or you already have some graphics on file, our post and panel sign experts can handle your project. Call us today to schedule a consultation!

Subdivision Post and Panel Entry Signs in Spring Hill TN