When you think through the site and sign surveys as well as the permitting services we offer, it quickly becomes apparent that we go to great lengths to satisfy the members of the business community we serve. But did you know that we do not just work with companies that are end users of our products and services, but also with other sign shops?

The Full Service Commitment

Site and Sign SurveysAlthough you might think that working with the competition would hurt our business, indeed the opposite is the case. It cements our position as the recognized authority in the fields of survey preparations and client representation. When and out-of-town sign shop needs to have a site survey done locally, it makes a lot more sense to contact our experts than try and fly out someone from that office. The same goes for the permit application process that sign contractors must follow before installing a product on a customer’s property. Because doing a great job is not just good for our reputation but also benefits members of our local business community, we consider it an honor to assist in this way.

Signage Installs for 3rd Parties in Tennessee? We Do That!

Site and Sign SurveysWhen another sign company contacts the Graphitti Sign & Graphic Studio, we welcome the opportunity to remove old signage or install new marker components for that business’ customers. Since we have a strong background in the installation procedures of electrical signage as well as conventional non-lit products such as window graphics, banners, and dimensional letters, it makes sense to call us in.

Why Call Us for Surveys?

Site and Sign SurveysBefore joining the sign-making trade, business founder Steven Culp managed the construction of dams, bridges, and power facilities. Part of this position entailed the creation of accurate survey reports. This expertise now translates perfectly to his role in sign making. Case in a point is a recent site survey prepared for a client who needed a detailed report on 12 large facility locations.

  • Extensive travel. The project took our team to facilities in the extreme northeast, southeast, and southwest of Tennessee. We also headed to Metro Nashville, Knoxville and a few more locations in between. Finally, we also traveled to Arkansas.
  • Detail focus. To do the project right, we had to create highly detailed surveys of each property. Doing so required us to feature information on buildings’ interiors and exteriors. We cataloged all signage.
  • Fast turnaround. We do not like to drag out our projects. When a client entrusts us with a job, we streamline our operations to ensure the fastest delivery possible. This project was no exception. We compiled the needed information and put it into detailed reports that featured photos, dimension measurements, and sign inventory lists – all within a four-week period.
  • Discretion. When we conduct business on behalf of other sign shops, we do not come in featuring our brand and advertising messages.

By the way, we do not just conduct the surveying. If there is a problem at the site, we work with our client as well as the shop’s customers on an as-needed basis to address some of the issues we uncover.

Trustworthy and Good for Your Business!

Another sign shop client from out of state worked with a local company to develop a signage approach but was stumped over the best choice. We made several recommendations that the customer enthusiastically accepted. Our client closed the deal and handled the manufacture. We did the installation. When you need this level of professionalism on your side, contact us today to discuss your upcoming projects.

Site and Sign Surveys