The typical sign installs to the front of a façade. When standing out from the competition is a must, or your overall brand presentation calls for something a little different, we recommend a closer look at hanging signs in Franklin TN.

Understanding the Anatomy of a Hanging Sign

hanging signs in Franklin TNAs the name implies, the marker hangs suspended from another sign, an overhang, or a customized display arm. Virtually everyone is familiar with the inverted “L” display that real estate professionals use. The panel that attaches to the setup with eye hooks or chain links is an excellent example of what a hanging sign can be. The same applies to the blade messages you can attach to this panel.

Design options are plentiful. Sandblasted high-density urethane (HDU) boards are favorites of those businesses that like to show off their whimsical sides. Routed panels, cast metal plaques, acrylic boards with dimensional lettering displays, and imprinted aluminum boards present additional options. When you like the idea of built-in illumination, consider the investment in a slim lightbox cabinet with a dual facing. This product design makes excellent sense when used by a company that focuses on welcoming customers after dark.

Who Uses This Signage Solution?

hanging signs in Franklin TNPerhaps the quintessential candidate for hanging signs is the hospitality venue that seeks to invoke the image of being the neighborhood bar. Business owners like the traditional tavern-style signs that remind of old-English presentations during the time of the Tudors. But other companies easily benefit from hanging signage, too.

  • Businesses in covenant-controlled areas. Whether you do business in the historical part of town or in another covenant controlled setting, where a commercial association keeps a close look at the overall ambiance that the signage presents, hanging products are usually welcomed.
  • Companies doing business along designated pedestrian shopping corridors. These streets feature ample walking space and little room – if any – between stores and service establishments. Consumers love them. Storefront owners have mixed feelings because it is difficult to stand out. When displaying your company’s name with a hanging sign, you position it perpendicular to the wall. By choosing this approach, you now address shoppers coming from both directions of the street. As a result, your storefront is one of the easiest ones to locate.
  • Indoor shopping malls. Indoor malls have long understood the importance of reaching out to consumers walking down the corridors. This understanding frequently results in lease requirements to present hanging signage alongside more traditional channel or dimensional letters.
  • Locations in need of overhead wayfinding signs. Not every hanging sign advertises a product or company name. In some situations, they serve as wayfinding assistance in typically crowded hallways and corridors. For example, universities, hospitals, and high schools make good use of hanging signs to point the ways to exits, sought after locations, and amenities.

Buy Hanging Signs in Franklin TN, Today!

hanging signs in Franklin TNThe interior and exterior marker experts at the Graphitti Sign & Graphic Studio serve the business communities in and around Nashville, Brentwood, Spring Hill, Franklin, and Murfreesboro. If we have piqued your interest in a new way of presenting your signage to the consumer, contact us today to find out more!

hanging signs in Franklin TN