The art and science of the upsell have inspired countless business course lessons, textbook chapters, and marketing seminars. In the call center environment, customer service representatives are urged to “ask for the sale.” But in a retail setting, you do not have sales associates hovering near merchandise shelves and continuously make product-pairing suggestions. Instead, you have POP signs in Nashville TN. What are your options?

Banners with Stands Make Easy-to-Relocate POP Signs

POP Signs in Nashville TNOur clients love banners. These products catch the eye of anyone who walks in. They also succeed in spelling out a message succinctly. When used as the primary point of purchase marketing tools, we suggest retractable banners.

  • Easy storage. When you end your special sales promotion, simply roll up the banner inside the stand for storage. The next time you run this deal, just feature the product again.
  • Cassette change option. Having multiple cassettes with different banners is an excellent opportunity for the retailer who takes advantage of special shopping occasions. As you are ready to suggest complementing purchases, simply bring out the right cassette to display on the stand.
  • Banner material choice. Although vinyl is the quintessential banner material, some retailers have had excellent success with fabric materials, too. The soft flow of the fabric, the satiny sheen, and the sophistication that it brings to the sales floor are ideal for high-end merchandise.

Contour-cut Hanging Displays Feature Attractive Product Pairings

POP Signs in Nashville TNYou have seen them in fast food restaurants: ceiling-mounted renditions of value meal options combine different food and drink components. Not only do these displays make ordering faster, which is one of the goals in the fast food business, but they also show the guest how to combine some of the products for a full meal. In retail, similar approaches work for a broad range of merchandise options. Examples include clothes and accessories, jewelry and handbags, or clothes and makeup.

Flags and Inflatables are Ideal for Outdoor Displays

POP Signs in Nashville TNWhat sets apart flags from other POP signs is the motion associated with the product. Even the slightest ripple of the fabric makes a difference in the eye of the consumer. It attracts attention and leads to message intake. However, when you really want to go for the gusto, inflatables are ideally suited to reel in foot traffic, target specific demographics, and highlight the availability of particular products and suitable pairings. Choose an inflated object that looks like the item you sell. Another good choice is the column setup you would typically see in a trade show setting. Combine the two for an effective one-two marketing punch.

Learn More about Using POP Signs in Nashville TN

If we have piqued your interest in learning more about incorporating point of purchase signage solutions in your retail establishment, we can help. Our experts also work with POP signs for hospitality venues and service facilities. We help you choose the right material, display setup, layout, and overall appearance. From there, we design, manufacture, and install the products for you.

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POP Signs in Nashville TN