By now, you know that it is virtually impossible to stay competitive without an excellent vinyl wrap product for your corporate car, work truck, or delivery van. But what are the options? With custom designed vehicle wrap templates in Franklin TN, you get the opportunity to have the best of both worlds: custom graphics and a template layout that fits your vehicle’s make and model perfectly. How does this work?

Custom Template vs. Full Custom Design

custom designed vehicle wrap templates in Franklin TNWhen a client requests a custom template wrap design, we enter the vehicle’s information into our database. Because we have access to thousands of templates that represent about 90 percent of trucks, cars, or vans currently on the road, putting together the ideal layout for your project is quick. What we then focus on is the customization of your graphics and their integration into the template.

Clients whose vehicles are so rare that there is no template available, or those who want a graphics product designed from scratch, work with our graphic artists to put together a fully custom made design. A hybrid option is available to the client whose vehicles are template ready but whose aftermarket additions call for custom creations of some wrap portions.

What Does This Mean for the Client?

custom designed vehicle wrap templates in Franklin TNCustomers who opt for a template layout save time. Since we have a basic blueprint in place, we focus on graphic selection and incorporation. This means that you get to see your proof faster. Moreover, it means that after your approval of the design, we finish the project more quickly. The client who elects to go the fully custom made route spends a little extra time waiting. We have to take extensive measurements to account for every inch of the automobile. Doing so includes special body options, trim packages, and other extras.

The Bottom Line

custom designed vehicle wrap templates in Franklin TNIt boils down to billable work hours. Putting together a jaw-dropping wrap that looks fantastic and starts on a graphic artist’s sketch pad is more labor intensive and therefore more expensive. The customer, who does not mind paying a little extra for a totally unique look that consumers will not see on anyone else’s vehicle, considers this a worthwhile expenditure. For the entrepreneur who is watching every penny and needs to cut expenses whenever possible, the custom template is a better choice. You still receive a package that is not on someone else’s vehicle, but you are using a premade template.

Talk to the Experts about Custom Designed Vehicle Wrap Templates in Franklin TN

custom designed vehicle wrap templates in Franklin TNIf we have piqued your interest in getting a wrap that displays your graphics to perfection, custom templates can be the ideal solution. If you are not sure which product is right for your company, let us show you images of template wraps. It is a lot easier to understand what selection might be the best option simply by looking at pictures of finished products. Call us today to learn more about your options! At the Graphitti Sign & Graphic Studio, we always welcome the opportunity to help our clients’ marketing signage products look their best.

custom designed vehicle wrap templates in Franklin TN