Much talk about custom vehicle wraps. What is truly “custom?”

Most vehicle graphics for business and individuals, the custom slice comes from the design it’s self. The part Graphitti Sign & Graphic Studios expert design team creates.

Although customized for your needs, not a truly and wholly custom wrap because we use a database of templates for thousands of vehicle makes, models, styles, sizes and years.

Works for 90% of our vehicles and facilitates a faster design to get jobs done faster.

vehicle graphics for Franklin TN

What happens with rare vehicles don’t have a template for? Truly custom wrap work!  Here’s how to know if you need a custom wrap template:

  • We look at the make, model, body style, special trim / body option packages and year.
  • Assuming no special modifications made to the vehicle, we check the database and move forward.
  • Some situations tend to come up empty in the template database.
  • If your vehicle is a much older year (make and model), there might not be a template available- such as pre-1995. This applies to some classic cars as well.

vehicle graphics for Franklin TN

Sport packages with special additions like spoilers or scoops are sometimes not accounted for by standard templates.   Modified vehicles for any purpose. but we can make it work! If needing a custom template, don’t worry.

We may just need to see the vehicle a few days earlier than expected to measure all the panels, to get all the dimensions right for the design.

We can give a proposal based on similar and expected time and material and then start on the design if accepted. From there we have the template for your vehicle should you ever decide to change it, or perhaps it’s a whole fleet.  Whatever the case, we can get you a truly custom, top to bottom, design and wrap.

vehicle graphics for Franklin TN

Contact a Graphitti Sign & Graphic Studio team member to find out if your vehicle needs a custom template to go with your custom design.  We’ll be happy to get you a free proposal and get started on your project as soon as possible.

Be sure to contact Graphitti Sign & Graphic Studio.  We are proud of our custom wraps and vehicle graphics packages.  On the web at  Or call us at 615-656-8420.

vehicle graphics for Franklin TN