Secondary Signs

Secondary signs are most commonly used as tenant signs

in a business park or other location that features multiple

businesses. In this case, multiple businesses each have a

secondary sign underneath a main sign (like a pole, post or monument sign).

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Could your business benefit from a secondary sign?

Secondary signs are an affordable form of signage that can be beneficial for any business. The most common uses of secondary signs are for shopping malls or other buildings with multiple businesses. You’ll often see a larger sign that advertises the entire space with smaller secondary signs underneath.

You can often utilize both sides of a secondary sign so using key products or services on the sign can be a great option. Some business owners may prefer their sign to be branded which is also possible. If you can dream it, Graphitti Sign and Graphic Studio can design, fabricate and install it!

If your business is in need of a secondary sign contact us today at We’re always thrilled to answer questions about our signage products. We also offer a free quote using our form to the right. So, contact us today and lets start making your next sign!




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