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Looking for a sign company that provides signage maitenance/repair?

Your sign won’t always look as beautiful as it did the first day you got it, especially if it has to withstand the elements. Luckily, Graphitti Sign and Graphic Studio provides sign maitenance and repair services for existing and new customers. Whether you got your sign from Graphitti or another company, we’re always happy to help!





Our signage experts understand how to take care of all kinds of signs and materials. We give honest advice and services to ensure your sign lasts the longest it possibly can. We also repair illuminated signage such as channel letters and neon signs, these forms of signage are much more likely to need repair. We recommend LEDs as an alternative to frequent maitenance, for more information about our LED signs, contact us today!

At Graphitti Sign and Graphic Studio, we specialize in all things signage and taking care of them is no different. If you think your sign may need repairs or possibly be replaced, contact Graphitti Sign and Graphic Studio today at! We’d be happy to discuss your situation and figure out what we can do for you!




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